About Us

Sherute, LLC was formed in 2006 as a multi-disciplined service company with the goal of providing professional, efficient, cost-effective service solutions to small and large business clients in Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

  • Elka Devash Elka Devash


    The creative visionary and leader of our team, who is passionate about making sure that our team is as focused as she is on every detail of our work.
  • Peter Golden Peter Golden

    V.P. & Director of Operations

    Team and program development pace setter who is determined about improving the quality of all the services that our team strives to provide for each and every one of our clients.
  • Dave Davis Dave Davis

    Director of Facility Maintenance

    Results driven team leader who is focused on the implementation and execution of our services.
  • Kevin Olson Kevin Olson

    Landscape Services and Special Projects Manager

    Detailed focused team leader with a purposeful approach that sets a high standard for our landscape services division.
  • Lorraine Kerlin Lorraine Kerlin

    Team Coordinator

    Meticulously detailed team coordinator who ensures that our clients requests are addressed promptly and professionally by coordinating and organizing our teams daily efforts.
  • Joe Mutinsky Joe Mutinsky

    Construction Manager

    Proficient and passionate construction manager who loves to roll up his sleeves and get his boots in the dirt and mud on a daily basis.
  • William Wilson William Wilson

    Sr. Project Manager

    Skillful and well-practiced Sr. project manager whose industrious approach to on site supervision is unparalleled.
  • Erin Scherer Erin Scherer

    Team Coordinator

    Highly responsive team coordinator that is our diligent facilitator for all of our customer service requests and billing support needs.

Our Philosophy

To be an invaluable resource to our clients each and every day. Our clients have other things to worry about on a daily basis, managing an outside vendor for facility or construction services shouldn’t be one of them. We are here to provide professional, efficient, cost effective service solutions for all our clients. Our experienced team of multi-disciplined professionals consists of hard working dedicated employees who routinely go the extra mile and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. We expect our Sherute team to exceed our clients expectations and encourage them to raise the bar on the tasks they perform each day for our clients. Sherute truly means service!

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